Sunday, March 05, 2006

What Do You Need To Subscribe?

First of all, subscriptions listed on this blog are currently only available within the UK.

To receive your subscription, you will need a UK delivery address. It can be either your home address or workplace address. However, at times, your subscription may be rejected because of the address you use may be a communal address like a students halls of residence. Usually, such addresses are considered high risk addresses from a long history record of various residents and their dealings or maybe some other resident have requested for the same subscription. Publishers do limit the number of subscriptions they may send to a physical address to protect themselves as a cost cutting measure from sending duplicate subscriptions.

Usually, you will need a bank account that allows you to have direct debit facilities. By authorizing some company to direct debit your account is giving permission for the company to take an agreed sum periodically. Most publishers prefer this method as it cut costs on transaction fees and invoicing and it also saves time. Most common UK bank accounts offer such facilities. You must always ensure that you have enough money in your account for every debit or else the bank would charge you a hefty fee for failure to debit the required amount at the required time. If you have several bank accounts, it doesn’t matter which one you use as long as it is convenient for you to keep track on your payments. I would strongly suggest those that do not have online banking facilities to activate it. Activation is free and can be done at your local branches or through the online banking site. Online banking will make monitoring your account easier as it is accessible 24 hours.

That’s all you will usually need to register.

Taking Advantage Of Free Magazine Subscription Trials

Magazine publishers use several ways to promote their magazine to increase their subscription base. They often offer trial subscriptions with free gifts in hopes that the subscribers would try out their magazine and stay with them. We as smart consumers can take advantage of such offers by signing up and then cancelling it before the next payment is due. As a result, we would receive a far more valuable free gift than our investment plus the magazine all delivered for free to our doorsteps. On the other hand, if you like the magazine, you can continue to subscribe it at cheaper than newsagent rates.

In simpler terms:

Publisher Aim

- To get more customers to stay hooked up with their magazine by hoping that they do not cancel their direct debit or subscription.
- To get a wider readership, distribution and higher statistics for their company to charge higher rates to advertisers.

Our Aim

- To grab free gifts from every trial subscription there is and uses it personally or as gifts and cancelling it at the end of the trial period.
- Repeating the above steps over and over again and enjoy it.

What Will This Blog Do?

We aim to teach you the tricks of the trade with some tips and search the web for the latest subscription offers there is and list them here. We will put up instructions on what you will need to subscribe and how to cancel your subscriptions.