Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Cancelling Direct Debit

Every trial subscription usually requires you to pay by direct debit. Here is a note when you cancel your subscription.

For those who are unaware, you might have cancelled your subscription from the publisher but not cancel your direct debit for that subscription on your account.

To cancel your direct debit, there are a few options listed below. However, before cancelling any direct debit, you need to make sure you can identify it as the correct one. At times, you may be subscribing to several magazines from the same publisher. Each magazine will have its own direct debit on your account.

Local Branch

Pop into your local branch and speak to a personal banker. Tell them which direct debit you would like to cancel. Remember not to cancel the wrong one like your mobile phone bill.

Online Banking (My Kind Of Way)

For those without online banking facilities, just activate it by registering on your bank's website or go to your local branch to request for it. Once you have an online banking account, just log on and you will find a link that says manage your direct debit or something similar for that corresponding account. Just click on it and cancel.

Phone Banking or Tele-Banking

All banks provide this service but I never use it. Just give them a call with your telebanking id and password if required. Tell them that you would like to cancel your direct debit.

That's it folks.

I know that the publisher will not usually debit your account once you have cancelled your subscription but having your direct debit still active doesn't stop them from doing so. Take extra precautions. It is your money we are talking about.

Have fun subscribing and cancelling folks.

Benny Ong XXX