Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Order a copy of Scarlet magazine for only £1

How much pleasure can you get for £1? It won't get you a drink, or a ride on a donkey at the seaside but it will get you an introduction to the world of Scarlet.
For a limited period only you can get try Scarlet magazine, for only £1 and if you like it upgrade, and get a Pleasure Pack of goodies, including a vibrator.

There are four simple steps to follow
1) Order a copy of Scarlet magazine for only £1. We will send it straight to your door.
2) If you like the magazine then take no further action. 21 days later your Pleasure Pack will be sent to you along with 1 issue of Scarlet each month for the next 11 months. Your card will then be billed £44.99* for a 12 issue subscription to Scarlet Magazine.
3) If you don't like it then drop us a line to tell us (within 14 days). We will cancel your subscription (you will not be billed the subscription fee) and we will never darken your door again.
4) Become a Scarlet Woman and make your life better now!

Magazine Name: Scarlet
Frequency: Monthly
Contracts: None But Cancel Within 14 Days After Receiving 1st Issue
Free Gifts: Only with Full Subscription
Promotion Expiry: Unknown (Still Active)